The admin approval backend

As an alternative to the default backend, and an example of writing alternate workflows, django-registration-redux bundles an approval-needed registration system in registration.backend.admin_approval. This backend’s workflow is similar to the default with one extra step of approval from an admin. Specifically the steps are the following:

  1. A user signs up by filling out a registration form.

  2. The user confirms the account by following the link sent to the email address supplied during registration.

  3. An admin receives an email with a link that will approve the user registration.

  4. When the admin approves the request, the user receives an email informing them that they can now login.


To make use of this backend, simply include the URLConf registration.backends.admin_approval.urls at whatever location you choose in your URL hierarchy.

This backend makes use of the same settings documented in the default backend plus the following settings:


A list with the same structure as the ADMINS Django setting containing names and emails. Approval emails will be sent to the emails defined here. If this setting is not set (or is empty), emails defined in ADMINS will be used. Optionally, this can be defined as a string with the path of a callable that returns a list of the same structure as the ADMINS setting.